Master plan development

The master plan is an integral part of the project, which develops a comprehensive solution to the issues of development, planning, landscaping, reconstruction and other types of urban development. The development of the master plan is intended to maximize the provision of construction works standard production and sanitary conditions, as well as reception, storage and delivery for the new project the necessary materials for a full and uninterrupted work of the builders, building machines and mechanisms in accordance with the schedule. Qualitatively developed master plan allows to reduce the costs that may arise during construction work, to create safe conditions at the highest rates of construction

Architectural part development

Architectural and construction solutions (architectural project) – this is part of the design documentation for construction, containing architectural solutions that comprehensively take into account social, economic, functional, engineering, technical, fire, sanitary, environmental, architectural, artistic and other requirements for the object in the amount necessary for the development of documentation for the construction of facilities in the design of which the participation of the architect is necessary. “ASHINA ARCHITECTS” provides services for the development of architectural projects for buildings and structures of any complexity. Our architectural solutions include the planning part, designed to ensure the optimal distribution of the construction area. In the case of residential buildings, the success of this stage means convenience and comfort for residents for many years, and in the case of commercial, administrative or public buildings, a more effective and accurate solution to the tasks posed to the object.

Construction part development

The construction part of the project includes the layout of the territory, structural solutions of the designed buildings and structures, the volume of construction and installation work, the need for building materials, the sequence and timing of the construction of individual facilities, communications. During the development of constructive solutions for buildings and structures, the characteristics, location and purpose of those building elements that will further determine the stability of the entire facility, its comfortable operation and the safety of people in it are determined. Since this section of the project is quite complex and voluminous, it is divided into several parts, each of which describes structures made of specific materials: metal, wood, reinforced concrete.

Engineering communications development

Engineering systems and networks are the basis of the infrastructure of any construction project, so their design is extremely complex, responsible and time-consuming process. Mistakes made at this stage will lead to serious problems in the functioning of the entire structure. Requirements for comfortable “life support” of buildings are constantly growing, increasing the cost of engineering equipment. Currently, the communication network planning budget averages from 25 to 40% of all project costs. Engineering systems design is required not only during the construction of buildings, but also during their reconstruction. This approach allows, for example, to breathe new life into the old factory buildings, given for offices or housing. But a system, whether created from scratch or a modernized communication network, will fulfill its tasks only if it is designed by experienced specialists and in compliance with current standards. Professional design of engineering networks is one of the key activities of ASHINA ARCHITECTS. Here you can order a full range of design and survey works on laying external and internal engineering networks, without which it is impossible to imagine the functioning of any object – from a residential building to an industrial building, shopping or sports complex.

Construction project development

Construction work involves the availability of regulatory documentation at absolutely any stage of the process. The presence of a correctly drawn up action plan makes it possible to avoid negative aspects after the commissioning of the facility under construction. For these purposes, there is a special document – the construction organization project (COP). The project for the organization of construction is a document that addresses issues regarding the organization of construction at the facility. This project stipulates the smallest details on the construction of construction sites at the site. Using COP, a set of tasks is realized, due to which the construction process is expediently organized and equipment is used rationally at the construction site, ensuring safety and quality of work. Our company has highly qualified specialists with certificates of the highest degree and may design COP of any degree of complexity with minimal time and financial costs.

Adaptation of design solutions

Adaptation of foreign projects in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan today is an actual direction in the construction industry. Foreign companies offer original design solutions that are in demand by domestic organizations. However, it is not immediately possible to implement them immediately, since they meet the requirements of building codes and technical and regulatory rules that are significantly different from those in our country. Our experience of cooperation in the international market and a wide range of professional contacts among foreign partners allow us to offer our customers the professional adaptation of foreign projects. Direct consultations with project developers give us additional opportunities for modifying foreign projects and developing optimal parameters for their implementation on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The adaptation of foreign projects carried out by our company involves the following types of work provided in combination or separately:

  • ensuring legal compliance of project documentation with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of architectural, urban planning and construction activities and technical regulation;
  • translation of project texts and explanations to drawings;
  • analysis and evaluation of the proposed design solutions for compliance with the norms of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • processing of technical documentation in accordance with current legislation, taking into account climatic and other conditions specific to each particular region;
  • verification and processing of graphic materials of the project and explanations to the drawings for compliance with the composition, content and execution of project documentation with the norms of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • development of additional sections of the project necessary to ensure compliance of project documentation on the composition and content with the norms of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan during the examination;
  • project support during the passage of the necessary approvals and examinations in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

We guarantee a positive result of the adaptation of foreign projects to the conditions of implementation in Uzbekistan.

Architectural supervision

Architectural supervision is one of the types of construction quality control, and our company conducts architectural supervision of construction in order to improve quality, reduce the duration and reduce the cost of construction, as well as increase the responsibility of design and construction organizations for the quality of facilities under construction. The competent organization of architectural supervision provides control of the construction and installation work carried out by contractors for compliance with the provisions of the design documentation, quality control of work throughout the construction cycle and allows you to quickly adjust drawings, replace materials or change the order of work taking into account the wishes of the customer.

 3D visualization

Architectural 3D visualization of building exteriors is most often used to present projects. 3D architectural visualization is often resorted to at the sketching stage to verify the architectural solution, with participation in tenders and exhibitions. High-quality architectural 3D visualization is highly convincing, which is important at all stages of project approval, and especially when working with the customer. The result of architectural visualization are high-resolution images suitable for printing. The size, proportions, and presentation form for architectural 3D visualization are agreed upon at the stage of formation of the technical task for 3D visualization. 3D visualization of interiors, architectural objects or the facade of the exterior, allows you to make a full impression of future objects. Often an image can convey information that is difficult to understand with words. The task of creating high-quality and realistic pictures is successfully handled by 3D visualization in the 3D max program (other advanced programs) developed by our experts.

Video visualization

A good video will tell the story of your project. Using the video you can show all the important elements of the building and its unique energy. Your customers will feel the atmosphere of the project from the facade to the interior. The best way to share your ideas with your client.

Our goal is to show your ideas and projects in the best possible way.