«Ashina Law Firm» is a leading consulting company in Uzbekistan, providing the highest quality legal services using in-depth professional knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and practical skills. We have extensive experience in providing legal services to multinational companies, international financial institutions, government agencies and their agencies, as well as national companies and local financial institutions.
Thanks to their experience and existing technical and technological resources, Ashina Law Firm lawyers can fully satisfy the needs of clients in the market of Uzbekistan. Despite the fact that the company was established in 2019, Ashina Law Firm partners have been providing a full range of legal services to local and foreign enterprises for more than twenty years, representing the interests of companies in a wide range of commercial and industrial activities.

First of all, we strive for a complete understanding of the activities, tasks and requests of our customers. In our opinion, a comprehensive understanding of the activities of our clients, as well as a focused and flexible approach to building relationships with them, are extremely important aspects that ensure the consistently high quality of our legal services in the market of Uzbekistan.

Banking and financial law

We offer our clients advice in a number of major and strategic projects, including multilateral financial transactions ranging from several hundred million dollars to multi-billion credit lines with the participation of a large number of participants.
we have significant experience in representing the interests of commercial loan borrowers of all categories and other financial transactions. Our experience and understanding of market standards, expectations and interests of various categories of creditors in the framework of financial transactions is the key to the efficiency and effectiveness of legal support for our clients.
We take part in operations, including credit lines, secured and unsecured by assets and / or financial flows, financing of acquisitions, primary, secondary and single-tranche credit lines. Our team took part in concluding complex credit transactions in the Republic of Uzbekistan, including multicurrency and international lending agreements. Our lawyers regularly work on issues between agreements between creditors, financing of subordinated debt, letters of credit and debt restructuring. We specialize in financing various industries, such as energy, natural resources, pharmaceuticals, food, telecommunications, transportation and technology.

Corporate law

Ashina Law Firm is a leading consulting company providing corporate law advice. Our clients include both world leading companies and newly created and developing local enterprises. The experience of our lawyers includes the provision of advisory services on mergers and acquisitions, disposals, company reorganizations, corporate governance and secretarial services.
We regularly participate in large-scale projects with multiple jurisdictions, as well as provide operational support to our clients as part of their activities.
Our responsible approach to project management differs markedly from the approach of other law and consulting firms operating in the local market. We have always been providing high-quality legal services and striving to provide the most valuable and transparent legal support in the field of corporate governance. Our lawyers are well versed in local corporate governance practices and emerging difficulties, as a result of which, if necessary, we can quickly find new approaches to solving problems and develop new products.
In addition to advising our clients on the most complex strategic projects, we are also ready to provide assistance and consult on transactions of a smaller scale. The cornerstone of our work is the principle of flexibility, versatility and speed of reaction.
Our corporate practice covers a wide range of different areas of law on the creation, management and liquidation of enterprises, including:

  • Registration of legal entities in the Republic of Uzbekistan, including joint ventures and subsidiaries with 100% participation of foreign investors
  • Corporate Counseling
  • Corporate Governance
  • Mergers, acquisitions, disposals and temporary partnerships
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Intellectual property and technology
  • Voluntary liquidation, bankruptcy, reorganization and restructuring.

Antitrust Law

Given the large volume of international transactions made by modern enterprises, as well as the rigor of the Uzbek antitrust law, special attention should be paid to the issues of antitrust law. Regardless of whether it is a merger, a state investigation into alleged monopolistic activity or a lawsuit in the field of antitrust law, Ashina Law Firm lawyers fully represent the interests of their clients in matters of antitrust law and competition, and assist in choosing the right strategy by acting in the framework of difficult laws and regulations governing antitrust law.
We represent the interests of clients in state bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan at all stages of control over merger transactions. Our lawyers have significant experience in contacting the antitrust authorities and obtaining their permits for the acquisition or merger of companies, and also often represent the interests of international companies operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
In addition, we have experience representing clients in audits conducted by the antimonopoly authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as speaking to the judiciary of the Republic of Uzbekistan on behalf of our clients during hearings on antitrust laws, resolutely defending their interests.
The priority of Ashina Law Firm is to prevent the occurrence of problematic issues related to antitrust law, and the desire to reduce the risks arising from such problematic issues, which are difficult tasks.

Customs Law and Foreign Trade

Ashina Law Firm lawyers represent the interests of foreign and local clients in the framework of their international and foreign economic activity, including the export and import of goods and services. We provide services in the field of pre-contract negotiations, preparation and registration of agreements, licensing, advise on customs legislation, help our clients successfully import products to the Uzbek market or export abroad.
Our lawyers are highly qualified and well versed in the preparation, negotiation and implementation of various types of agreements in the field of trade and investment, including agreements on the sale and supply of goods, agency agreements and agreements concluded with distributors, the creation of subsidiaries and joint ventures, as well as mergers and acquisitions.
We provide support to our clients and explain to them the intricacies of the complex, often changing and at times contradictory provisions of the regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Our lawyers work closely with the government of Uzbekistan, receiving clarifications on the controversial provisions of Uzbek law. In this regard, we with sufficient confidence provide support to our clients in many matters of legislation governing foreign trade.
At Ashina Law Firm, you will receive comprehensive advice not only on customs and trade regulations, but also on issues affecting a wide range of tax and customs law, including tax discipline, trade agreements, protection, and enforcement measures intellectual property, Uzbek legislation on consumer protection and anti-corruption law.
Moreover, we can also assist our clients in resolving disputes with the Uzbek customs authorities.

Labor law

Ashina Law Firm’s legal practice in the field of labor law includes advising on almost all issues of labor law.

We provide practical recommendations to employers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on all aspects of labor relations, classification when hiring, disciplinary measures and the termination of an employment contract, compensation measures, confidentiality issues, protection of goodwill, and non-public information of employers. By combining in-depth knowledge of the Uzbek labor law and practical experience gained, we help managers make informed decisions, thereby reducing the potential risk for our clients.
We often carry out comprehensive checks of the employment system and internal official documents for their compliance with the requirements of Uzbek legislation. We also assist our clients in the development of employment contracts, internal procedures and policies of the employer, orders and instructions of the management, successfully represent the interests of employers in the negotiations on collective bargaining.
Ashina Law Firm lawyers have extensive experience in litigating employment matters affecting all aspects of labor law, including illegal termination of employment contracts, unlawful disciplinary measures, employment contracts and claims for remuneration, disputes regarding wages and benefits, forced compliance with confidentiality obligations. Our experience includes defense in collective and individual lawsuits.
Our lawyers are well versed in the intricacies of the procedure for attracting foreign citizens to work in the Republic of Uzbekistan. In addition, we assist in obtaining licenses to attract foreign labor and work permits in Uzbek companies for foreign specialists.


By providing legal services in the field of bankruptcy law, we provide legal support to clients, which include creditors (with and without collateral), borrowers, debtors, shareholders, asset purchasers, landlords, property liquidators, and other interested parties.
We offer our clients solutions combining knowledge of bankruptcy law and professional competence in related fields, such as collateral transactions, mergers and acquisitions, loans secured by assets, real estate and intellectual property.

The property

Our team has very extensive experience in Uzbekistan in the field of legislation governing real estate transactions, representing the interests of both global multinational companies and a number of foreign representations in a wide range of important issues, including real estate transactions, leasing, financing, mortgage lending, and litigation in real estate, issues of financing and taxation.
Our company has been widely recognized thanks to its knowledge and excellent understanding of the Uzbek legislation and procedural law governing real estate transactions in Uzbekistan.
We regularly accompany transactions with real estate, including: acquisition and sale; land development; leasing, reconstruction and construction; commercial, industrial and housing funds; enforcement of judgments and alienation of mortgaged property; reconstruction operations; real estate financing and collateral lending; real estate litigation.
Our significant experience in supporting various large and complex transactions allows us to develop innovative schemes for real estate transactions in order to assist our clients in achieving their goals and objectives.


  • Legal support of real estate purchase and sale transactions
  • Corporate real estate
  • International deals
  • Assistance to developers / builders
  • Lending and financing
  • Leasing
  • Environmental issues
  • Investment housing funds
  • Alienation of mortgaged property and enforcement of court decisions

Tax law

Ashina Law Firm lawyers have a deep knowledge of the various problems that our clients face in the current economic conditions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. We use an innovative approach to solve tax issues, and we build close cooperation with clients in the framework of complex transactions and corporate structure.
Ashina Law Firm provides its clients with effective, practical and result-oriented consultations on general tax issues. Our activities cover a wide range of issues of Uzbek tax legislation that arose during the planning and implementation of complex commercial transactions at the local and international level, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, financing, restructuring and other forms of foreign investment.
In addition to corporate issues of the Uzbek tax law, we conduct consultations on mandatory payments established by the Uzbek legislation, in particular on deductions from wages, income tax and deductions to various social development funds.

Providing legal services under the tax legislation of Uzbekistan, we set ourselves the task of finding practical solutions to the tax issues facing our customers and assist in optimizing the taxation of enterprises and reducing the likelihood of potential risks associated with violation of tax laws.