Venture Fund Management Services

The service for the creation and management of venture funds provides for the support of the business at all stages of its existence, the purpose of which is to achieve high indicators of the fund’s financial activity by using optimal strategies and the most profitable financial instruments.

Development of business plans, feasibility studies, preliminary feasibility study.

The company’s specialists have time-tested experience in developing business plans and feasibility studies (feasibility studies) of investment projects that meet international principles and requirements of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan for enterprises in various sectors of the economy.

Strategic business planning

The team of consultants of the company will help Clients organize and develop strategic and business plans in order to set priorities, focus efforts and resources, strengthen activities, ensure that employees and other interested parties focus on common goals. Establish interaction around the planned results, evaluate and adjust the direction of the organization in response to a changing environment. The result will be reduced operating costs and staff costs, increased efficiency, productivity and flexibility.

Marketing research

Our team of marketing specialists will help Clients in conducting any type and scale of marketing research in Uzbekistan and territories of Central Asia. Accurate and reliable information is the basis of all successful enterprises, since it ensures the accuracy of information about potential and existing customers, competitors and the industry as a whole. The study allows business owners to determine the feasibility of investing before investing significant resources in the enterprise.

Financial and investment consulting

The company has a specialized team of highly qualified experts in the field of financial services and investment consulting in Uzbekistan. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in this field and can help our Clients, both local and international, in their financial investments and operations in the country or abroad.

Pre-investment analysis “Due diligence”

We provide a comprehensive examination of investment projects for local and foreign investors working in Uzbekistan. We check the quality of information and assumptions, including the reliability of forecasts regarding the market, based on the extensive experience of our team.

Investment attraction

We will help to competently present investment proposals and interest investors, as well as correctly conclude a deal and minimize risks.
The company, using its experience and knowledge, as well as the experience of international partners, in cross-border transactions, seeks the best conditions and guarantees for transactions.
We help to attract financing from banks, private equity funds and private co-investors, allowing you to create the most effective structure of funding sources.

Starting a business in Uzbekistan from scratch

We will analyze the market of Uzbekistan to assess the size of the market and prepare a business plan. We will prepare and offer the optimal turnkey legal structure. Our employees will accompany in the process of preparing the investment agreement. In the future, we will accompany your business in accounting, taxation, as well as advising on management, personnel and other matters. The experts of our company, having extensive knowledge of the legislation and the specifics of doing business in the Republic of Uzbekistan, will be able to achieve positive results in an agreed time frame.

Sale of business in Uzbekistan

This service provides for the detailed development and support of the proposed transaction with the provision of minimizing financial, tax and legal risks for the Client.

Research and market analysis of Uzbekistan

We conduct research on the markets and sectors of Uzbekistan to help you make strategic, operational and investment decisions faster and more efficiently, which should be based on accurate information about the industry and market trends. This gives you confidence that you keep abreast of any industry related information.
Our company offers a full range of research services in the markets and sectors of Uzbekistan. Our industry analysts provide companies with valuable information to identify growth opportunities, measure performance and make informed decisions. We use industry best practices to determine industry size, market trends, new rules and regulations, the latest technological innovations, the share of competitors, and more.

Services for professional design of presentations, portfolios and company profiles

Our company specializes in solutions in the field of business presentations (creating PowerPoint presentations and print presentations, developing a corporate presentation standard and other services in the field of developing and maintaining presentations). A distinctive feature is the use of only unique, specially created for a specific client graphic content when designing PowerPoint presentations and print presentations, developing a presentation standard.
We are pleased to offer you a modern service across the entire range of services in the field of information design. We provide high standards of quality work and in each case we guarantee a professional result to solve your problems.

Professional translation services for complex texts

Our company provides professional translation services in various industries: oil and gas industry, construction, energy, engineering, etc.

  • Translation of texts of various professional subjects, including highly specialized fields of science and technology
  • Work with large volumes of documentation and formats of any sizes
  • Creation and maintenance of specialized thematic glossaries
  • Technical editing of written translations


Our specialists effectively participate in many complex negotiations, including with foreign partners.
High reputation, the presence of business ties, the desire to constantly develop and move forward, the high qualifications and rich professional experience of each company employee, as well as the mastery of the regulatory mechanism and the negotiation process allows our company to stand out among competitors. We guarantee that the process will not come to a standstill, but will be carried out as professionally and quickly as possible. The result of negotiations exceeds the expectations of any, even the most demanding customer!

 Simultaneous or sequential translation services

Professional simultaneous translation is one of the sought-after services provided by our companies. It is required during large-scale events, where speakers make presentations, hold press conferences, interviews, and briefings.